Special Delivery


One of my coworkers wanted me to make two of my cards into bigger pictures so she could frame them. I have never tried this but i’m always up for a challenge! She liked this card, and I made some changes, two big butterflies for her and her husband and three small ones for their children. She also liked this card. I used a stamp on this card and the stamp was to small for the painting so I drawed a bigger spaceship myself with a black copic multiliner and coloured it with copics. I have never coloured a big image like this, and let me tell you, it’s harder than it looks! 🙂

The size is 30x30cm.

I really hope you like them Cecilia and that they turned out like you wanted. 🙂

IMG_2071 IMG_2070 IMG_2072 IMG_2073


2 thoughts on “Special Delivery

    1. Joanna Post author

      Vad bra att du gillade dem Frida! Hoppas Cecilia gillar dem med. 🙂 Jag gjorde dessa förra veckan men jag har varit dundersjuk så jag har inte orkat lägga upp dem förrän idag… Men nästa tisdag ses vi! Kram!


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