New challenge at ATCAS code word animal + video


It’s time for another challenge over at Addicted to CAS and it’s my turn to be the hostess and I chose the word animals. If you have been on my blog before you know that I have a soft spot for cute animals. :-)

ATCAS - code word animal


Our Guest designer for May is Monika, she make awesome cards, don’t foget to check out her blog!

Our sponsor is Create a Smile and the Prize is 12.50 euro (1 stamp set)  to our winner!

create a smile


Over to my card, I made a clean and simple shaker card, I didn’t use any foam tape creating this so it’s really flat so it fits a standard envelope and will go through the mail just fine. The dog’s bottom is on the outside and the head is on the inside. :-) Take a look at the video if you would like to know how I created this card.

Thanks for stopping by and a huge thanks for all your support by commenting and thumbs up on my videos, it really makes my day!

Card created by Joanna Harty using MFT stamps and SSS dies

Card created by Joanna Harty using MFT stamps and SSS dies

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52 thoughts on “New challenge at ATCAS code word animal + video

  1. Loll

    SO ADORABLE … not only the images of the sweet dog, but how you have him peeking through the window. Very creative design Joanna. Love the video too … thanks for sharing! xx

  2. Barb Ghig

    Such a CUTE card, Joanna! I love this doggie and that you used his treats for your shaker element! Love how you placed him on the card, too…so fun!
    Thanks so much for the video, too…I really enjoyed it!


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  3. Inna

    Hi, Joanna!
    You have very beautiful works. Please, prompt the article of knives of My Favorite Things.

  4. Monica

    I love your cute dog card!
    I’m also live in Sweden and I wonder where I can by all the supplies you use in this video?

    1. Joanna Harty Post author

      Hi Shannon, I can see the link, but if you can’t find it, just head over to my youtube chanel and you can search for it there.

      1. Shannon L Wynne

        Thanks Joanna – I will do that. This card is just too, too adorable. In fact I love all you your ideas.

          1. Sumudu

            You are so so creative……….I also made this card for my 5 year old nephew and he loved it. Thanks for sharing your ideas.


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